About us

The General Secretariat is a coordination and support division in charge of managerial functions for development of institutional policies.

Our tasks:

  • The administrative and executive organization of matters under jurisdiction of the Higher and Academic Councils.
  • Organizing the election and appointment processes of Rector; Deans; Department Directors; Students, Graduates, Professors and Academic Directors Representatives before the different collegiate bodies.
  • Attesting to the actions of the governing bodies.
  • The disclosure of decisions and actions of the management bodies.
  • Processing and monitoring the system Petitions, Complaints, Claims, Suggestions, Congratulations, and Denunciations –PQRSFD.

The General Secretariat invites you to contact us. You can make your Petition, Complaint, Claim, Suggestion, Congratulations and Denunciation – PQRSFD using the PQRSFD form.